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Vertosa Announces Manufacturing Partnership with Canadian-Based Taima Extracts Inc

OAKLAND, Calif., Oct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --

Vertosa, a science-first cannabis company that creates the most effective and reliable active ingredients for infused products, today announced that it has entered into a manufacturing partnership with Taima Extracts Inc ("Taima"), an Ontario-based manufacturer that provides customized solutions for bulk ingredients and consumer packaged goods. Per the agreement, Taima will manufacture cannabis-infused products using Vertosa's cutting-edge emulsion technology in conjunction with its own cannabis concentrates for distribution throughout Canada.

"It was apparent from our initial meeting with Vertosa that they shared our common goal of bringing trustworthy and modern infused products to eager consumers in Canada," said Ryan Pinsky, Vice President of Taima. "Combining Vertosa's world-class emulsification technology backed by scientific research with the operational excellence and manufacturing strength of Taima was an easy decision for both parties. We are beyond proud to partner with this talented team to create compelling consumer products featuring their emulsified cannabis derivatives and our single-source cannabinoids."

Wade Harmidy, Director of Quality at Taima, added: "It was an interesting challenge to implement California-based cannabis technology into the Canadian regulatory landscape, but one we've successfully overcome. I believe that both Taima and Vertosa have grown and learned a lot from this partnership; it's a win-win for both teams."

Taima is a family-owned and operated licensed production facility devoted to providing single-sourced, high-quality and consistent bulk cannabinoids with specialties in contract manufacturing and white label solutions. Vertosa will utilize Taima's robust expertise in processing and formulation, in addition to its state-of-the-art facility and pure cannabis extracts, to manufacture premium products for brands throughout Canada. Taima benefits from the use of Vertosa's patented and patent-pending suite of emulsion offerings that are one of the most water-stable and compatible solutions available on the market. Vertosa and Taima already jointly own and operate a full-scale emulsion production facility in Ontario.

"Taima's 40 years of food manufacturing expertise, automated facility and ability to mass produce consistent, high-quality products enables Vertosa to expand our presence and solidify our reputation throughout the Canadian cannabis market," said Ben Larson, Chief Executive Officer of Vertosa. "Our shared focus on providing effective and great-tasting cannabis products that meet the highest of standards made Taima an obvious and ideal match. We are so thrilled to partner with Taima to bring premium infused cannabis products to consumers in Canada and we look forward to exploring innovative new products we can bring to market together."

Vertosa recently announced the appointment of Professor David Julian McClements, the world's foremost scholar on food and agriculture science, as a Founding Member of the Vertosa Science Advisory Board. For more information, please visit

About Vertosa Founded in 2018, Vertosa is a science-first cannabis company that creates the most effective and reliable active ingredients for infused products. Its patented and patent-pending emulsion systems are carefully designed for the specific needs of each customer, with pre-suspended aqueous solutions that create incredibly homogeneous and stable products while maximizing bioavailability, clarity and taste. Vertosa works closely with its lab partners and brands of all sizes throughout the manufacturing process to achieve target potency and accelerate products to market. Learn more at, and connect on LinkedIn and Instagram.

About Taima Extracts Inc Founded in 2018, TAIMA EXTRACTS INC is a private family owned and operated cannabis extraction facility, specializing in the development and manufacturing of highly sought-after cannabis derivatives and ingredients for ready-to-market and bulk formats. Their vision is to set the industry standard for cannabis extraction, by utilizing the food production practices that have been perfected in over 100+ years of combined experience from our management team. Their team pairs the best of both worlds: operational excellence standards from the food production space with cannabis industry experts, to consistently supply consumers with the most in-demand cannabis extractions, manufactured within the highest standards.

Media Contact: Mattio Communications

SOURCE Vertosa

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