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We provide off-the-shelf compliance tested bulk cannabinoids for further manufacturing to licensed production facilities across Canada. All of our bulk cannabinoids are single-sourced to provide complete transparency from seed-to-sale. It’s important to Taima to showcase the incredible hard work our farmers have put in to provide you with our high-quality extractions. We are committed to our partnerships with our farmers and cultivators to deliver on our promise of consistency.  

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Our product development lines include but are not limited too topicals, tinctures, vapes, Vertosa emulsified cannabinoids and concentrates. Our product development specialists work directly with the customer to customize formulations for their specific needs. We have a four step process starting with the ingredients, formulation, implementation and production. Contact us today to discuss your next product?



We provide toll processing, white-label, and bulk packaging services to our customers to assist in offsetting the heavy costs of production & bulk packaging. This allows our customers to focus on perfecting their cultivation and alleviating any concerns for down-stream support in consumer-packaged goods. Our turn-key white-label services involve complete solutions from production to in-house packaging designed in partnership with Boomer Brand management.

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Founded in 2018, Vertosa is a science-first cannabis company creating the most effective, reliable, and quality active ingredients for infused product makers looking to launch and scale their brands. Their patented and patent-pending emulsion systems are carefully designed for each customer's needs, ensuring seamless compatibility and shelf stability. Vertosa works closely with lab partners and brands of all sizes throughout their manufacturing process to achieve their target potency and quickly launch into the market. Our partnership with Vertosa allows us to provide their world-renowned emulsions to brands and partners in the Canadian Market. 

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