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TAIMA EXTRACTS INC Granted Cannabis Processors License

TAIMA EXTRACTS INC. ("Taima"), an Ontario-based manufacturer that provides customized solutions for bulk ingredients and consumer-packaged-goods, is pleased to announce that Health Canada has granted the company a Standard Processing license under the Cannabis Act, and is ready to begin operations immediately in their state-of-art cannabis extraction facility located in Oakville, Ontario. The standard processing license will allow Taima to produce pharmaceutical grade isolates in bulk format for further processing, as well as full spectrum cannabis extracts for the Canadian market.

"We are thrilled to have received our Standard Processing License. This is one of many major milestones for our company, and we could not have done it without the hard work and dedication of our team. Now that our facility is completed, licensed and able to begin operations. Our focus will shift directly into receiving our sales license amendment and begin on-boarding our clients to establish their brands across national retail licensed dispensaries" - Ryan Pinsky, Director, Taima.

Founded in 2018, TAIMA EXTRACTS INC is a privately-owned cannabis extraction facility, specializing in the development and manufacturing of highly-sought after cannabis derivatives and ingredients for ready-to-market and bulk formats. It's 18,600 SQFT purpose-built facility, completed earlier this year, was built to EU-GMP specifications. Once operational, they will begin the process to obtain the EU-GMP status to further service their clients and brands into international markets.

Phil Carnovale and The Femia family, having owned and operated a federally regulated food processing facility, have a long history in the highly-regulated food manufacturing industry. We are extremely excited to enter a brand-new regulated market, and we will look to work in conjunction with Health Canada to establish the standard for cannabis processing. Their knowledge and experience in operating a large-scale test and hold manufacturing facility allows them a unique advantage to position Taima to become a key player in the cannabis market. The single handed most important aspect of our business will be quality and consistency, something that we have seen lacking from our industry.

"We will look to set the quality standard for cannabis processing. "

-Wade Harmidy, Director of Quality, Taima.

Having secured a production contract with Grenco Science ("GPen"), the leader in advanced technology cannabis vaporization, Taima looks to expand on the cannabis 2.0 market in Canada by integrating full spectrum cannabis extractions with G Pen's proprietary, innovative hardware, the G Pen Gio, in order to provide high-quality full spectrum vape pens. Taima will look to build on the reputation of G Pen known for their customized branded hardware, by providing the same level of quality and consistency consumers have grown to love from G Pen, to the Canadian brands, licensed producers and retailers.

"Grenco is excited to collaborate with Taima and believes we can apply our collective expertise and product leadership to push the boundaries of consumer experiences in Canada. This partnership reflects G Pen's unwavering focus on innovation to meet the needs of all cannabis consumers, from novices to experienced users alike".

- Chris Folkerts, CEO G Pen

Looking forward, Taima will begin the application process through Health Canada to receive a multitude of different research and development licenses.

"There is so much we have not yet discovered from the cannabis plant, and with the recent development of additional cannabinoids and the benefits of terpenes in the past several years. We could not be more excited to contribute to the development of that sector."

- Phil Carnovale, Vice-President, Taima.


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